Meet Danielle Amato...

Get to know our Advertising & Marketing Coordinator, Danielle…
Danielle Amato
Danielle is our incredible advertising and marketing guru, with a love for ‘80s music and a desire to travel the world. She is known in the office for her endless positivity and driven nature, and she believes that coming to work each day is a pleasure thanks to the wonderful team around her. Ask her about her favourite movies and she will certainly impress you with her knowledge of Katharine Hepburn!
How did you find yourself working in property and specifically in your field?
I commenced in commercial real estate as a receptionist over twenty years ago and moved into residential for the last fifteen years. I have worked in all departments in this industry from office and operations manager, to sales administrator, a little trust accounting and property management. After a long stint (seven years to be exact) with a reputable top-end real estate company, I decided it was time to try something new and an opportunity as Advertising & Marketing Coordinator presented itself with Dixon Kestles.

How is your role suited to you?
My role as Advertising & Marketing Coordinator is very suited to me, as I like to see a campaign through from start to finish without leaving any stone unturned.
What’s your coffee order?
Strong cappuccino.

What are your top three café picks for an excellent brew or brekkie? What would
you order?
  • Emerald Hill Café, South Melbourne – great coffee and food, lovely owners and service is fantastic
  • Monkey Bean, Toorak – best coffee and cakes and the food is a little different with a Spanish influence
  • Scuttlebut , South Melbourne – great coffee, great sandwiches 
Name three things on your ‘bucket’ list?
A summer on the Amalfi Coastline, a summer in the South of France and visiting Machu Picchu in Peru.
What is the first concert you ever went to and what do you remember about it?
This is testing my age… Lionel Richie, in the Chanel 7 corporate box with great canapes and service. I Love Lionel Richie!
What was your favourite song from high school and what three songs are you currently listening to on repeat?
Anything Madonna!
What is your favourite quote from a movie?
Katharine Hepburn is my all time favourite actress and one of my favourite quotes from her is not from one of her movies but from an interview she once gave when she said this…
”I never realised until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex”. She was in her early 80’s when she said this and this tells me about her incredible confidence in herself and how she had no reservations about speaking her mind nor did she conform to what was expected of her as a woman. She was raised in a family that allowed growth, supported individuality and didn't define themselves as men and women where each needed to stay in their own corner.
What’s the best thing about your job and what motivates you to get out of bed each day?
The people. I love my team and everyone else in this company, it is a joy to be at work everyday. The support, the fact that you are heard and respected is a very good thing and constitutes longevity. I love my role as I have owned it and can do it well.
What is the greatest lesson you have learnt and can pass onto others?
Nothing creates nothing and excuses create failure! We can all comment on how things in life have stopped us from moving forward at times, but if you really look at it, they are nothing more than excuses!