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DK Owners Corporation

Owners Corporation Management is a highly specialised and intricate part of our overall business operations.


As a team our strengths lie in the level of interest our Managers take in the properties that we manage and the way we get involved and excited about the buildings.


Regular on site attendance and understanding the nature, infrastructure and facilities of each unique building enables us to maintain, plan and arrange appropriate contracts and contractors for services.


Our approach allows our Managers to get to know the people side of the property and provides balance, compliance and the right sort of planning.


When engaging Dixon Kestles OC you are ensured of: 

  • The intrinsic benefits which flow from over 30 years experience in Owners Corporation Management
  • Experience in the management of a wide range of property types ranging from small apartment blocks to commercial complexes and large mixed use sites
  • In-depth understanding of the Subdivision (Body Corporate) Regulations 2001 and Owners Corporations Act 2006 and their application