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What we do

Owners Corporation Management

Our key strengths lie in the level of interest our Managers take in the properties that we manage and the way they get involved and excited about the buildings.  This approach allows our Managers to get to know the people side of the property and provides balance, compliance and the right sort of planning.
Through the relationships we build with the people and the property, we manage the Owners Corporation facilities and common property to achieve the best results possible in terms of the performance of the asset under the approval and instruction of the Owners Corporations themselves.
Regular onsite attendance and understanding the nature, infrastructure and facilities of each unique building enables our Managers to maintain, plan and arrange appropriate contracts and contractors.
We ensure out team are educated and knowledgeable, with current information, through various programs provided to the industry by Strata Community Australia (SCA) with active participation in the education programs.



Our Commitment to our OC members:


  • 24 hour member response for urgent matters and 48 hour member response for non urgent matters 
  • Personal details kept private and confidential
  • Your own personal OC Manager

Our Connections: