Meet Janet Onley

Find out what makes our bubbly Owners Corporation Manager tick...
 Janet Onley
What’s your coffee order?
Skinny latte. 
Your top three café picks for an excellent brew or brekkie?
Penta Elsternwick, Crux & Co., and Kitty Burns are on my list.
Name three things on your ‘bucket’ list.
Trekking in Nepal, sailing in Croatia and a ski trip to either Canada or Japan (maybe both)!
What are you famous for around the office?
Sending memes! Everybody loves a meme.
What is the first concert you ever went to and what do you remember about it?
V Festival in Sydney. I was at the front of the mosh pit singing along to the Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers.
Name your favorite city or destination and why would you recommend it.
Melbourne, of course, for its people, culture and food/coffee.
What’s the best thing about your job?
The wonderful people I work with. I love the environment and the variety in the job.
What’s the greatest lesson you have learnt and can pass onto others?
That it’s important to be yourself. Be genuine in everything you do.
Any hidden talents?
Making cocktails and drinking them - Pimms is a favourite.