Meet Justine Ashby

Meet Justine who's passionate about OC!
Justine Ashby

What is your role/position at DK? 

Owners Corporation Manager. 


Where would we find you on your day off? 

Fossicking in my garden, walking my dog, being creative or reading a good book. 


Best thing about working at DK? 

Every day poses different challenges and rewards. 


What are you watching on Netflix? 

At the moment, I am watching The Killing on Netflix but am equally enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS (dystopia!) and Game of Thrones (dragons!). 

Personal mantra? Every journey begins with a single step. 


Dream travel destination? 



Advice for landlords? 

Be involved and contribute - your strata property is often the biggest financial asset and it must be managed properly to protect and capitalize your wealth. 


Advice for tenants? 

Enjoy your community! Be kind, respect your neighbors and treat your home as your castle. 


Three things you’d choose to take with you if you were stranded on a desert island? 

A boat, my dog and an unlimited supply of good food and wine! 


What would people say is the most surprising thing about you?

I grew up in the country. 


Any favourite quotes or sayings that help keep you motivated? 

Share your knowledge, it Is a way to achieve immortality. 


Favourite travel destination? 

At the moment – Khao Lak, Thailand – I am travelling there soon! 


Most used emoji? 

I use the thumbs up emoji almost exclusively!

Thumbs up emoji