Meet Natalie Farah

Find out a little more about our Senior Resi PM...


 Natalie Farah

What is your role/position at DK? 

I am the Senior Residential Portfolio Manager.


Where would we find you on your day off? 

I’ll either be at the gym, shopping or at a nice café for brekky or lunch. I am a massive foodie! 


Best thing about working at DK? 

The team, environment and clients are amazing at DK.


What are you watching on Netflix? 

To be honest, I’m not watching anything on Netflix but I am obsessed with The Voice and MasterChef this year. I can’t wait for Suits to come back too! 


Personal mantra? 

Work hard, travel well. 


Dream travel destination? 

Bora Bora hands down! I’ve travelled to many destinations but never made it to Bora Bora. 


Advice for landlords? 

I too am a landlord, so I know exactly how it feels to put your property in someone else’s hands. Choose a professional that you feel you can trust – we have plenty of those here! 


Advice for tenants? 

Communication is key! 


Three things you’d choose to take with you if you were stranded on a desert island? 

I have no idea. I’d say my phone but there would be nowhere to charge it! Maybe a Sudoku book to keep me occupied. 


What would people say is the most surprising thing about you? 

I’d have to say it’s probably that I’m only 25 and already have investment properties.


Any favourite quotes or sayings that help keep you motivated? 

‘And in time this too shall pass.’


Favourite travel destination? 

Paris is my favourite place – I have been there three times so far!


Most used emoji? 

The dancing Spanish lady in the red dress or the monkey with the hands over his mouth!

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