Meet Sera Hicks

Find out what makes our Residential Portfolio Manager tick...

Sera Hicks
Sera loves what she does, consistently striving to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. As a residential property manager, she takes a proactive and thorough approach to managing both properties and people, to ensure clients know their property is in the best hands. A self-confessed loud ‘people person’, check out Sera’s travel, music and café recommendations here. 
What’s your standing coffee order?
Almond milk latte.
Top three café picks for an excellent brew or brekkie?
Mr Tuppy in Elwood, Neighbours Café in St Kilda, Little Sunflower Café in Elwood. 
Name three things on your ‘bucket’ list?
Sky diving, hiking to Machu Picchu and running a marathon. 
What are you famous for around the office?
Being loud!
Three songs you are currently listening to on repeat?
End Game- Taylor Swift
Dirty Sexy Money- David Guetta
Havana- Camila Cabello 
Favorite city or destination and why would you recommend it?
New Zealand’s South Island. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and there is so much to do in terms of activities and sightseeing.   
What’s the best thing about your job?
Meeting and talking to new people. I am a ‘people person’ and enjoy the diversity and challenge of dealing with different tenants and landlords.
What is the greatest lesson you have learnt and can pass onto others?
Perception is everything. We think that we are viewing life through a camera lens recording the actual events we see, but everything we witness is filtered through our own thoughts, beliefs and experiences in life.
Any hidden talents?
I can do the ‘1000 steps’ at the Kokoda Memorial Walk, up and down, eight times in one go!